The Height Adjustable Standing Desk

A very warm greeting to you on a very cold day. It is in fact freezing which is a good reason not to exercise outdoors. Getting exercise is still a real possibility with the height adjustable standing desk. The height adjustable standing desk is here to stay. Yay!

This is a natural evolution in the way we use our desks and take care of our health. The WebMD carried an article stating that desk jockeys should make a point to stand up for at least two hours during the workday in order to avoid the negative health consequences linked to too much sitting.

Sedentary Health Risks

The height adjustable standing desk can alleviate the serious health risks of sedentary office postures become more apparent, there is a deluge of equipment to help you to stay fit at your desk. Standing desks, under desk exercise equipment, sit stand stools and desk treadmills to name a few. 

There are 2 basic categories of height adjustable desks. The first is the budget hand cranked adjustable standing desk. The next is the more costly electrically operated standing desk. Which one should you choose?

upsilon Compact Electric Stand Up Desk
Upsilon Compact Electric Stand Up Desk

There are pros and cons to using any one of these desks. The main considerations being cost, quality, and ergonomics.          

The hand cranked or manual versions, not surprisingly use manual force to adjust the height. This can be a good thing because you can work in a few extra reps with the winding motion of your arm and get a little additional toning and exercise.

Crank That Handle

It usually takes about 20 seconds of cranking to adjust the desk to your desired height. These desks will save you some moolah when compared to their uptown electrical cousins. There are several moving parts to consider when trying to decide if a desk will be a good fit. Whether you are using a budget Luxor Crank adjustable desk or an electrically adjusted Workfit D, check this list below for tips.


How easy is the desk to assemble? Some desks come pre-assembled but others have complicated diagrams and 3d explosions of the product that can test the most mathematical mind. If you have difficulty with these diagrams (like I do) try a pre-assembled version.


How stable is the desk when you are cranking it or electrically adusting it? This can depend on how much weight the desk is carrying and where the weight is distributed. The act of cranking the handle can also place a stress on the stability so always test with one or two cranks to begin with. Is the base secure? Always use the levelling pads on all legs.

Weight capacity

Look for a weight capacity of at least 130 lbs. The more weight you try to move with the crank the more difficult it will be to adjust the height. The height adjustable standing desk must be stable. Usually the higher the weight bearing capacity the more stable the crank will be. Also be careful of where items are placed on your desk in relation to the cranks. Some cranks can even snag clothing.


Where will the desk go? Always check out the spatial dimensions and potential ergonomic problems when positioning the desk. You do not want to be cramped or bumping up against other furniture or walls. Will you need a top width of 48″ or 60″ or as spacious as 72″? Perhaps you are working in a tight space and only need 40″.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Ergonomically adjust your desk so that it fits your body type. For height adjustable desks, contoured desks are usually better than straight edges and allow you to get closer in to your work space. Monitor extension arms help to keep your work at eye level. The body parts that suffer the most from poor ergonomics are the shoulders, arms, wrists and neck. Use an ergonomic keyboard and size your mouse to your hand for additional comfort.

Let’s look at some cranky height adjustable desks.

Luxor Hand Cranked Adjustable Desk

Rating, 2 stars


One of the lowest priced adjustable desks on the market

Assembly is a no-brainer as it practically comes pre-assembled

The lifetime warranty.

Luxor Height Adjustable Desk
Luxor Crank Adjustable Desk


You will be cranking for a quite a while to get to the height you need. Try the Workfit D instead.

The crank is tucked away on the side of the desk and not the front edge like most other crank desks. This makes it inconvenient to crank.

The maximum height is too low for the addition of a treadmill.


Save your money for something better. The crank speed of around 6 turns to lift an inch make it too slow for most purposes. The low maximum height of 42″ will deny the possibility of adding a treadmill to the desk.

 The Workfit D by Ergotron

Rating, 3 Stars


The Workfit D uses an innovative counterweight system. The counterweight system is different from the crank or electric adjustable height desk. Push or pull the desk and it moves almost instantly. There is no need for any tools or cranking mechanisms.

Solid construction and build which means the Workfit D should last for a long time.

Ergotron makes so many accessories like underslung keyboards and adjustable monitor arms that you will easily be able to get your workspace ergonomically perfect.

The maximum height of 50.6″ makes this workable for a desk treadmill and the minimum height of 30.6″ will ensure that the Workfit-D is a good sit stand desk choice.

Ergotron WorkFit-D 31


The maximum weight capacity is only 65 lbs. This is well below the recommended weight of 130 lbs.

Make sure you don’t tighten down the bottom screws until the cross members are installed. Don’t over-tighten the cross members. Make sure the cable has the slack in the right place.

The desk is sturdy but the welds are ugly.

3-4″ taller than a standard desk so if you are on the short side it could be a little uncomfortable.


A good mid-range height adjustable desk with an innovative counterweight system. The low weight capacity is the biggest concern.

The Omega Denali Height Adjustable Desk by iMovR

Rating, 4.5 Stars


The SteadyType Keyboard Tray is a unique ergonomic feature resulting in a higher typing speed and accuracy as well as helping to avoid carpel tunnel.

A 200 lbs. lifting capacity.

Scratch resistant 3D lamination and an overall greater stability along with an ergonomically contoured edge.

This could be the best desk for adding a treadmill because of the stable design and the SteadyType Keyboard Tray.



Make sure your keyboard will fit the tray. Most do but just check in case.

The SteadyType Tray creates a slight reduction in the desk surface  between the monitor and the user.

The iMovR/omega-denali-standing-desk-workstation  is a great innovative addition to any office or home setting. If you have a treadmill to add to your desk, this will give you the room to do so. The SteadyType Tray will prevent the stressful wrist angles that occur when typing at some treadmill desks.

The Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The electric height adjustable desk is the way to go if budgeting is not your concern but, having said that there are very affortable mid range models. The most expensive models of course come with the most features. If speed, covenience and performance are what you are after, look no further than the electric height adjustable desk.

Push Button Convenience

With a mere push of a button, linear motors adjust the desk to your desired height. Some even have presets for managing varying heights. However, you may not need a programmable desk with all the extras to enjoy an electric Standing desk.                                                               

The height adjustable standing desk should be noise free. What did you say? Huh? The lower the noise level the better, especially in an office environment. The motors of the electric desk will make a sound and this can vary from a whisper to an annoying grating sound like a juicer grinding ball bearings.

Weight Capacity-More is Better

The weight capacity usually indicates the quality of the desk. A higher weight capacity means the motors are excellent and will not burn out any time soon. The lower the weight capacity the lower the motor power and quality.


Keeping the desk steady is a concern especially on carpeted floors. Tiles and wood floors are usually more stable. Is the desk level? Use a spirit level if needed to check and always use the levelling pads on all 4 corners of your desk’s feet.

The top tier models will usually have a digital hand controller and better safety features as well as better warranties, often in the 10 year range. They are  more visually appealing with a better quality construction. Let’s look at our top three picks.

Maple Squared Up by Updesk

The Squared Up is part of the UpDesk series. This is a well known and respected brand carrying a variety of electrically height adjusted desks. Here is one that will suit a corner or nook in your home or office. For something more user friendly try the Workfit D

Rating, 5 Stars

Maple Square up from UpDesk
Maple Square up from UpDesk


Sit or stand as you like

5 year warranty

300 Lb lifting capacity which means the motors which lift the desk surface are great.

Height can be adusted from 25.5″ to 50.5″

Moves at 1.5″ a second using twin motors, one for each leg.

Can accommodate a treadmill.

Reinforced steel footings for extra stability.

Easy to set up within 30 minutes.

Comes in Maple and Black in small 48″ and medium 60″


A little on the pricy side.


Once you have concluded that a height adjustable standing desk is the way to go, this will be a good investment in your health, posture, and productivity.

The Upsilon

Rating, 5 stars

upsilon Compact Electric Stand Up Desk
Upsilon Compact Electric Stand Up Desk


Really affordable when compared to the rest of the market.

Travels at 1.3 inches per second which makes it one of the fastest on the market, even out performing more expensive models.

Compact with a width as small as 42″. The Upsilon electric stand up desk will fit into any cubicle or workspace with minimum disturbance.

Weight rating of 360 lbs. I should have used an exclamation point there.

Really whisper quiet with a 41 db noise signature. This is quieter than uncle Pete.

Great warranty and overall value.


If you are considering adding a treadmill to this desk, it is a little too compact. The recommended depth to allow a treadmill is 30″ and the Upsilon comes in at 24″ deep.


The Upsilon is the best of both worlds of value for money and technological soundness. The best of the bunch with the only drawback being that it would not suit the addition of a treadmill. The weight bearing 360 lbs. limit says it all.

The Jesper 100 Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Rating, 4.5 Stars

jesper office 100 electric adjustable desk
Jesper Office 100 Electric Adjustable Desk


Height adjustable from 27″ to 47″

Innovative wire management system to both hide and organize cables.

Rigid tubular legs and height levelers will provide stability. The levelers are adjustable for uneven floors.

Available in 2 desktop widths (55” & 65”), 3 desktop materials, and 5 sleek color finishes.

Adjustable with just the press of a button.


A bit pricey.


Your needs and budget will determine which desk is best for you. I hope this post has helped you to look at different options and possibilities. The adjustable height desk is more of a long term investment in your health, something that you can use every day for activity and circulation. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading.

  • User Friendly
  • Value

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