Stay Fit at Home

woman at standing desk

Stay fit at home. With the pandemic and a lot more people working from home, it is not as easy as it used to be to get activity. If you total the hours spent sitting it will alarm you. Below is a quote that will perhaps jog you into finding a way to stay more active.

“Sitting for five hours a day is the same on a health basis as smoking a pack of cigarettes.”

Dr. David Agus


What are the Health Benefits of Standing Desks?

• Standing upright means a better posture and increased core strength.
• Less chance of a heart attack or heart disease.
• Increased productivity, alertness and better mood.
• Weight loss from burning more calories while standing.
• Reduced risk from Diabetes.
• Improved metabolism.
• Reduced risk of cancer.
• Lowering of the long term mortality risk.
• Last but not least, a better sex life.                                            

Some Recommended Desks And Desk Treadmills

Stay fit at home with the TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk. This is a desk treadmill that will keep you in great shape while you are doing remote or office work. Simple to assemble with a quiet motor, you can also track your progress.

Whether you use a standing desk, a desk treadmill or an under the desk source to stay fit, you will be doing your health a favor. Just standing up after hours of sitting can change your metabolism for the better.

The standing desk revolution was born out of the changes in society. Our ancestors were very active but now we have become almost totally sedentary with all the negative effects that this has.

Stay fit at home with standing desks, desk treadmills and even chair yoga. Any form of exercise will improve your metabolism and prevent metabolic syndrome where the body runs down like a clock.