Desk Yoga Stretches

Desk Yoga Stretches can really give you a boost if you have been sitting at a desk for a few hours and feel in need of an immediate lift. You may be more familiar with the standing versions of some of these poses but these will work just as well.

Yoga has become much more mainstream and its value in terms of flexibility and strength and fitness are well documented. Your co-workers may want to join you.

      Desk Yoga Stretches           

Improve Clarity, Circulation and Flexibility

Desk Yoga Stretches can improve your flexibility, circulation and wellbeing. This is a quick workout for the desk bound with immediate benefits. Want to reduce stress and improve clarity? Try this quick workout and you will be amazed at how quickly you can go from tired to inspired.

These seated poses target the back which is almost always tight after a few hours of sitting at a computer. Wrists can take quite a beating from hours of typing and become stiff and even painful. The wrist stretches given in this workout will relax and improve the flexibility of the wrists and forearms and also increase blood flow to the wrists. The downward dog at the desk will help relieve the backs of the legs, spine and shoulders. It is amazing what just this stretch can do in terms of relief. Aah! That feels better. Now I just need to bend down again to pick up the change that fell out of my pocket.

Desk Yoga Stretches with kind permission from Health Plus, Faculty and Staff Wellness Program for Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Yoga Desk Stretches
Stretch at Your Desk for Health
Desk Yoga Stretches

Desk Yoga Stretches – Try Them for a Week

Try this workout for a week and notice improvements in health. Most times even a simple change of position can relieve aching muscles or stiff arms or legs. Don’t forget to breathe…These Desk Yoga Stretches do not take much time at all and can make quite a difference in just changing focus for a while and coming back to your normal routine more invigorated.

Track how you feel after a week of daily practice, you will be pleasantly surprised. Let me know using the comments below.


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