Standing  Desks Can Reverse This Phrase

“Sitting for five hours a day is the same on a health basis as smoking a pack of cigarettes.”

Dr. David Agus

Standing desks can reverse the situation in the phrase: “Sitting is the new smoking.” We have all heard this before but what does it mean?  Basically, when we add up the hours we sit during a day, it can be a shocking number. If you are sedentary and work at a computer, then watch television etc. you may be slowly killing yourself. Inactivity is the new health scourge of the techno era.

These words from a recent interview with Dr. David Agus, on CNBC’s Squawkbox, have become a personal motivator for me. Dr. Agus is a cancer specialist and has worked with the late Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong. He says “Sitting is the new smoking. If you exercise at the gym, it’s great. But sitting for five hours a day is the same on a health basis as smoking a pack of cigarettes.” He recommended frequent breaks to combat the negative effects of being chained to a desk all day.                                    

   Standing Desks Can Help      

Standing desks can help people who are not getting enough exercise or activity. Your office can now become a gym of sorts. With the advent of the Standing Desk and Under-Desk exercise equipment and the Desk Treadmill, your health can improve dramatically while in an office setting.           

Concluding Remarks

Lack of activity is a precursor to illness. It is not the only factor. Diet, air quality and genetics all play a role.  Health is the bedrock for all other activities.

The increased metabolic activity as a result of standing up more often or using a desk treadmill will reap rewards beyond improved health. If you have any queries please contact us at: contact@standingdeskworkstation.com.





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