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The Desk Treadmill Workstation is an exercise machine that office workers can use to exercise while working. These Desk Treadmills are really catching on as the chair-bound population realizes that they need more exercise.

The main problem is that with super busy schedules, time does not allow some people to get any exercise at all. Persons in more sedentary occupations are at more risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes, and a lower life expectancy in general.

It is now easier than ever to incorporate a walking program into the work schedule and get the metabolism increasing over the basal metabolic rate. The Desk Treadmill Workstation comes to the rescue.

According to Wikipedia The New York Times credits Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic as the popular inspiration for the Treadmill Desk. The recommended speed is less than 2 miles per hour.

The reason for this is that a more vigorous and prolonged activity would be in the aerobic exercise bracket. Any treadmill can be used to create a Desk Treadmill Workstation but manufacturers of office desk treadmills do not use arm rails and have motors that are designed to run for hours at low speeds.

Safety Features

Safety is an obvious concern for those new to a Desk Treadmill Workstation and treadmills are equipped with safety features to minimize the possibility of injury. If you have used an ordinary treadmill you will be familiar with the safety key; a feature on most treadmills.

Lifespan TR5000 DT7
Lifespan TR5000 DT7

This key attaches to a piece of clothing so that it can be pulled and the treadmill belt will come to an immediate halt. Just make sure you are standing on the wings when you pull the safety key. The Lifespan TR5000DT7 has additional safety features.

Desk Treadmill Tips

Remember to stretch before starting.

 Start slowly so that you do not overdo it at first. Try half an hour a day to begin with, broken into two 15-minute sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

After a week, gradually ramp it up until you are comfortable doing an hour at a stretch. It is easy to get carried away at first because it will be a novelty. It can feel really good after sitting for so long but take it easy.

Use comfortable foot-ware – no stilettos.

Stay hydrated. Drink water rather than sodas, especially diet sodas. These often contain aspartame, sucralose, and or saccharin. Diet sodas have been shown to have the same effect on our bodies as sugar. They can result in dizziness and memory loss, so forget about it.

Vary the speed and incline of the treadmill but stay under the aerobic activity level.

Move your arms and hands periodically so that they do not get stiff and sore.

Remember to enjoy! With every session, you are getting more fit and healthy.

Position The Desk Treadmill

Avoid aisle spaces in offices to prevent traffic congestion in your office.

You need to be close to a power source for the  Treadmill cable.

Give the treadmill its own plug. Don’t blow out the circuit breakers in your office by overloading the circuit with a monitor, treadmill, and possibly a fan or heater. If the whole office suddenly goes dark when you plug it in, you will know that the circuit is overloaded.

Before stopping, straddle the wings of the treadmill. Remember that if you stop suddenly, you can be jolted.

Don’t drink coffee at the desk treadmill, this is a known hazard.   Proform Thinline Pro Desk Treadmill


Keep in mind that glare from windows will make It harder to read your monitor so do not directly face windows unless they are shaded.


ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill 1250
Fully Adjustable ProForm Thinline Pro Desk Treadmill











In Summary

You will soon start to feel a lot better using the Desk Treadmill Workstation, but start slowly and experiment to see which tasks are easier for you to do at a desk rather than a Desk Treadmill. It will feel a little strange to begin with so give it some time to retool your system.

Remember to use comfortable foot-ware, and correctly position the Desk Treadmill in relationship to your office layout. Take care with the circuits and make sure that they can handle the extra load by giving the Desk Treadmill it’s own plug. Above all, enjoy your new adventure in health. You will soon be feeling and looking much better.

Let me know how you are doing with your desk treadmill or if you have questions in this area.


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