Lifespan Desk Treadmill TR 5000 DT5 Review


Lifespan Desk Treadmill TR 5000 DT5 Review

This Lifespan Desk Treadmill TR 5000 DT5 review looks at why The Lifespan TR 5000 DT5 desk treadmill seems just perfect in either a home office or a cubicle setting.  It is especially useful if you happen to have any knee, back, feet or hip sensitivities. The impact reducing shock absorbers really make a big difference to the desk treadmill experience.

This model has a lot going for it and is sturdy to say the least. This beast will run for 6 hours straight which is quite a bit longer than other models and the LCD console displays calories burned, time, distance and the number of steps.


Watching the LCD monitor instead of your computer screen can be a problem if you are trying to concentrate on other tasks at the same time. The almost totally silent motor is great for taking calls at the same time. No creaks or machinery grinding away in the background as you take or make your call.


Free shipping, 30 day money back guarantee, and 3-5 year warranty.

Thicker belt so a more comfort walking experience.

Requires little maintenance and belt lubrication.

Blue tooth enabled allowing wireless sync with your smart phone through lifespan club.

Accommodates users from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 8″ tall.

Desk is unattached from treadmill ensuring that any movements stay isolated and away from the desktop.

6 impact reducing shock absorbers to respect knees, hips, back and feet.

Intelli-Guard technology automatically pauses treadmill after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Traditional safety key carefully ceases belt motion at a moment’s notice.

Foam injected arm rests help to avoid carpel tunnel.

Max user weight 400 Lbs.


The 3 HP continuous-duty DC motor is designed to work at 1725 RPM. Unlike the traditional treadmills, workplace motors are precisely crafted to work for hours at low intensities. This makes them very durable.

This motor is so quiet that belt markings help to identify when the treadmill is running. The speed is 0.4 – 4.0 MPH (Max. Speed Can Be Set to 2.0 MPH if Desired)

Lifespan Intelli-Guard and Safety Key
Lifespan Intelli-Guard and Safety Key

There is no incline setting on these models as ergonomists have found that walking at an incline takes your body out of the neutral position and taxes the back and joints.

Assembled Treadmill Desk: 68.5” D x 47” W Desktop: 47″ W x 32″ D


If you find any, let us know.


  • bla bla
  • Expensive Desk Treadmill
  • include treadmill
  • Only works with normal treadmills and not specialized walking treadmills
  • Weight 57 Lbs
  • Includes manuscript holder, file folder and top stand for telephone
  • Height 5' 4" to 6' 4"
  • Overall rating


This has a lot of potential especially if you already have your own treadmill.


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