Proform Thinline Pro 1250 Review

iFit training with Jillian Michaels

The Proform Thinline Pro 1250 Desk Treadmill

This Proform Thinline Pro 1250 review will introduce you to a new world of treadmills. Jogging on a treadmill can be…yawn, boring. There is usually a television set in most gyms or homes to give us something else to watch while we jog and jog and jog. Would you like to walk or run in any location in the world, perhaps with a celebrity trainer urging you to lose some of the weight you gained at the last office party?

EKG Heart Monitor with iFit Technology

Well, now this is totally possible thanks to some nifty iFit technology. How about an EKG to monitor your heartbeat as well? This can also check to see if you are still alive after watching last season’s re-runs. If all this was tied into a treadmill desk you would have the ProForm Pro 1250 desk treadmill with an EKG Heart Monitor.

12% Incline and 3% Decline

This Proform Thinline Pro 1250 review would not be complete without mentioning the EKG monito. The Pro-Form Pro 1250 With EKG Heart Monitor comes with 40 workout aps and targeted coaching that will give you enough variety to keep your workouts interesting. The 12% incline and 3% decline at 12 mph will give you plenty to work with and get that cardio rate up. The decline will help you to work a different set of muscles. Want to spice up your workout? Try running downhill in the Andes.

Workout With Celebrity Trainers

TheProform Thinline Pro 1250 review now looks at the iFit feature which is a blast. It is interactive technology that enables you to chart routes with Google Maps while adjusting the treadmill’s incline and decline to synchonize with the terrain. If you have ever wanted a celebrity trainer then you are in luck because iFit gives you virtual access to as many workouts as you would like with celebrity trainers.

Workout With Jillian Michaels

iFit helps you to work out anywhere

I think I will go for a run in Spain with Jillian Michaels, America’s toughest trainer. Maybe I will have a mocha first.

Jillian will coach you through weight loss programs and help you reach your fitness goals. A new workout is automatically downloaded every day and each workout is part of a personalized 8 week training program. Save $22 with an iFit Membership subscription from Walmart. You can have 3 separate users on each membership.

iFit Membership

The one year subscription is free with the built in iFit live module. If you purchase a treadmill that comes without a module, like some of the earlier versions, you will need to buy a module. The module is around $99 and membership is free for a year. The module is built into the ProForm Pro so the first years’ membership to iFit will be free. However, after that time it will cost you about $10 a month.


Comes fully assembled. Just attach the base brace in two easy steps and you will be up and running.

Thinline space saver folds to 12 inches wide. It can be stored upright. The treadmill is 60″ long and 22″ wide.

 7″ back lit display. Adjustable console to desktop and integrated tablet holder.

Experience Exotic Locations

iFit-enabled with Global Google Maps routes adjust desktop vertically from 0 to 14 in. Now we are really stylin’. High definition video will enable you to

iFit training with Jillian Michaels
Training with Jillian Michaels

experience your favorite landscapes. You can run through the desert or along the Cornish coastline and the treadmill will match your inclines and declines. Just set your route on the console browser and tap into Google Global Maps. How cool is that? At the same time you will be tracking your fitness progress and be able to customize your workout plan.

The Motor is a 3hp commercial Mach Z which delivers enough power for interval, speed or endurance training. Track your nutrition and manage your profile with iFit.

The 12% incline and the 3% decline will tone those muscles you never knew you had. Inclines are a feature that is not seen on a lot of other treadmill desks because that can take the body out of the neutral position which can stress the back and hips. In this case it is very welcome addition. If you feel like increasing the incline for more cardio and giving the metabolism that extra boost you now have that option.

Quick speed control which boosts your speed incrementally up to 12 mph.

CoolAire workout fan.

Different muscle groups are activated with the decline. More muscle groups are stimulated and more calories burned than walking on a flat surface.

ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill 1250
Fully Adjustable ProForm Thinline Pro Desk Treadmill

Warranty. Lifetime frame and motor. A five year parts warranty and a two year labor warranty.


Relies on a dual grip heart rate monitor which means you have to hold the sensors to get a readout. The grip monitors are

not as accurate as wireless monitors.

The Free membership will cost you $10 a month after your free membership has expired.

Not easy to set up, you will need to be familiar with the internet and software products.

Concluding Remarks

If you would like to spice up your workouts and perhaps even see parts of the world you would like to visit, this can save you the air fare. The iFit program does take patience to set up especially if you are a little technologically challenged.

If you are using the Pro-Form Pro 1250 With EKG Heart Monitor as a desk treadmill you probably won’t be able to concentrate on those reports or emails that are due. Your boss may not like to hear that your report is late because you have been running in Katmandu with Jillian Michaels.

Use The Scenery To Motivate You

The main purpose of a treadmill desk however is to walk while working on your computer. You will get a better cardio workout than using desk chair exercises  or desk yoga. This model is really good as a walking treadmill while the iFit is an added bonus. Maybe the lunch break would be more suited to a run in the Scottish highlands. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to share any really exotic training locations.


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