TaskMate Executive 6100 Review

TaskMate Executive 6100

This TaskMate Executive 6100 review will help you make an informed buying decision. It is quite difficult sometimes to judge a product’s validity when purchasing online. There are problems that only become apparent after use or on the plus side, virtues that can only later reveal themselves with use.

This review will cover the good the bad and the ugly. The standing desk and desk treadmills have revolutionized the work place environment and are here to stay. This is wonderful especially in terms of health, taking into account the fact that a sedentary life style is now known to be more harmful than smoking.

What this means is that we can be eating the right food and exercising but it may not be enough to counteract the effects of sitting for hours at a stretch behind a desk. The Taskmate Executive 6100 is an electric sit stand desk designed to counteract this situation.

TaskMate Executive 6100
TaskMate Executive 6100

Taskmate is a company with a History of quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. They make standing desks and sit stand desks providing ergonomic solutions for a variety of office applications. Another option is the Lifespan Desk Treadmill

Transform Your Desk

You will be able to transform almost any work surface into a sit stand desk. If there is a desk you really are fond of this will enable you to use it and reap the known health benefits of a sit stand desk.

The caveat is that it should be quite sturdy and have a minimum length of 30″ and a width of 14″. This is an electrical model which means you will not have to grapple with winches and finicky adjustments. Taskmate really understand the office and desk layouts.


Easy to set up and use. Just place the TaskMate Executive 6100 onto your desk surface. A mid-sized to full-sized traditional desk will give the TaskMate a better surface than a smaller desk.  Don’t worry, the base on which the sit stand desk rests will not scratch or scrape desk surfaces. Plug the power cord into the outlet and easily adjust the height with a one push button control.

This TaskMate Executive 6100 review has to mention very useful accessories, including a telephone cradle on the left for a full sized business phone. The holder on the right side can hold open a book for example. All of these features contribute to a well-planned and very user friendly workspace.

Electronic height adjustment means no more cranking or yanking the desk. This is very convenient. Just push a button and the sit stand desk elevates or drops to the desired height.

All in one adjustable keyboard tray which easily accommodates a full sized keyboard and mouse.

Lots of desk space thanks to the extended platform work surface. The top surface can support even the largest monitors and the basic strength of the unit will give you the confidence that something is not going to fall or teeter off the desk surface.

 The sit/stand workflow will allow users to retain their old desks if they are strong enough and have the dimensions.

This is made to last and last and it looks good too. Steel and polycarbonates surrounded by thick foam placed on potential stress points will make your workday far more comfortable.


Weighing in at around fifty pounds makes this unit a little difficult to move around unless you are used to lifting that amount of weight. The strength and stability in this case is a detriment for the portability. It will work best if you have a desk that you use frequently and just leave it on the desk top.

You will need a sturdy desk that can handle the weight of the TaskMate Executive 6100 and a minimum length of 30″ and a width of at least 14″. It you are thinking of placing it on your old creaky writing desk, think twice.

It’s a pricey little beast at around $1300. This may be too much for this unit. Decide if the strength, design and push button controls are worth it.

Because it is electrically operated, if the power goes down the height adjustment will be parked for a while. This unit uses 110 volts but there is a special order 220 volt unit for European countries.


This will work best on a sturdy desk where the TaskMate Executive 6100 will not have to be moved around a lot. The good thing is that with the push button controls, it can be height adjusted quite easily. There are many options to consider when buying a standing desk or desk treadmill and I hope this review has helped you to make a better decision in this regard.


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