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UpWrite Silver Desk

No sit stand desk reviews would be complete without the UpDesk PowerUp series. Updesk standing desks have been around for a while and is made by a company that has over 40 years of experience with ergonomic designs.

Brand Value

Based in Nashville Tennessee, it is one of the better known brands and when compared to other electrically operated sit stand desks, it is comparatively cheaper. Updesk standing desks and Sit stand desks are becoming increasingly popular so you may now find electronically operated sit stand desks outside of a corporate environment.

What will a PowerUp desk do for you? It can give you the option to sit or stand. Updesk standing desks are height adjustable desks that are really coming into their own because most people like to sit and stand. This is really a better way to go for your health so that you do not stand for too long which can result in aches and pains in the legs, back and feet. You can accessorize your desk and choose between different color schemes.

UpWrite Silver Desk
UpWrite Silver Desk

The Crank Handle

UpDesk sells a variety of sit stand desks divided into three main groups. Firstly the CrankUp desk which allows you to tone your arms while you are cranking and is a more cost effective version than the other two. The CrankUp not surprisingly uses a cranking handle. The CrankUp has a weight capacity of 225 lbs. These are available in the 48″ x 30″ and the 60″ x 30″ sizes. The adjustable height range is 26.5″ to 42.5″ in both the maple and the black. The optional wheel set for $59 can help with mobility and will add another 3 inches to your set up height wise.

Next the PowerUp which is the electrical version. This uses a pushbutton style panel which is built into the front of the desk. Twin motors, one motor for each leg move the desk up or down. The PowerUp sports colors like mahogany, maple, black, white and orange for the Broncos fans. The orange is only available in medium size. (60″ x 30″) The cherry on the cake, is the UpWrite.

The UpWrite is a modified PowerUp desk with a wet dry erase marker board top. The writeable desktop is a unique feature. Imagine being able to make lists and calendars, right or should I say, write on the desk itself. The variable height means that if a woman is wearing high heels or flats for example, the height can be adjusted and preset accordingly. 


No need to inconvenience your wardrobe when you have these presets at your fingertips. These models come in a small, 48″ x 30″ medium, 60″ x 30″ and large, 72″ x 30″. Colors vary from, white/silver, white/black and black/black. It should be easy to match your décor with one of these colors.


The most obvious one is that it is electrically powered and can be adjusted with just the touch of a button.

This model can accommodate treadmills, which is a big plus point in case you want to add that to your desk as an option.

Height adjustable from 24.5″ to 50.5″

Several different colors including Black, Orange, Mahogany, Maple and White.

High pressure durable laminated desk top 1.25″

375 lbs capacity so you could literally dance on this table top.

A 5 year limited warranty.

Each leg has its own motor and moves at 1.5″ a second.

Really easy to set up. Most people find that they can assemble this bad boy in under thirty minutes.

If you are into energy saving, this one has an energy-saver control switch.

Reinforced steel footings.

If you have ever struggled with cables going everywhere under your desk then the cable management channel will save you from spaghetti junctions.

The preset can save 3 heights. The control panel is built into the front of the desk. Press for Up or down, and S will set the height of the presets. Select a number for a preset then press and hold the number and it will move to the preset height.

An LCD display continually shows the height.

There is a built in safety feature of only moving when the up or down vary height button is pressed and held. This prevents random movement or movement when weight is added to the desk top.

The surface, especially on the large models can accommodate several monitors if needed.

  • Updesk Orange Powerup series 3


Presets will still require you to press the up down button.

If you are in the 6′ range you may be a little too tall for the added bonus of using a treadmill. The desk could be  a tad too short.

The lack of drawers could present a problem if you need some storage. Some people like the simple clean no drawer style but you may prefer drawer space where you can store items.

The PowerUps and UpWrites are getting into the pricey range. The CrankUps are more affordable. You may feel that the commitment to your health, timeless design, and pushbutton presets are worth the price.

If the power should go down you will be unable to change the height and may wish that you had the low tech CrankUp version.


The PowerUp series III is a stylish if somewhat expensive way to get more activity into your life. I would however consider it a worthwhile lifetime investment. The presets, although you have to manually push them, still help to retain different heights. This will come in handy when the desk is used by more than one person. These models have lots of room, especially the large ones. Pile on the monitors or have a game of table tennis during the break.

The wiring channel is useful for keeping cables together. Test the height as you watch the cables from your pc and speakers and adjust accordingly. The UpWrite will help you capture those elusive ideas for inventions or poetry or even a shopping list.

You can make a standing desk out of parts from Ikea or crates from Uncle Joe’s garage but the convenience of a push button solution to sitting and standing can’t be overlooked. Seriously consider an anti-fatigue mat to go with the desk, it will make a big difference to your comfort level when you take a stand for your health.


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