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X-Elite Pro stand up desk converter

Transform Your Life With an Affordable Stand Up Desk Converter

Stand Steady X Elite Pro

An affordable stand-up desk converter can transform your life! Sounds like a fantastic claim but it is true. While playing Pokémon all week we need a break from sitting. For even more activity try a treadmill desk. We all know by now that sitting is bad. An article in the WebMD called, Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly Even With Enough Exercise, describes how bad sitting is and the many ways that a standing desk workstation can boost productivity and health.

Cost is the number one reason why people do not opt to use a standing desk or desk treadmill. A few of the higher-end standing desk models are high-ticket items.

There are alternatives that will not put a dent in your wallet. The stand-up desk converter was invented as an alternative to costly standing desks. While there is no substitute for a good height adjustable standing desk workstation, the stand-up desk converter is a very worthy replacement.

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

First of all, what exactly is a standing desk converter and why should it be of any interest to me? The word “transform” easily comes to mind. A standing desk converter will transform almost any existing desk into a standing desk and simultaneously transform your health. This means the benefits of standing while working, can be had at a fraction of the cost of a standing desk.

This will also transform your health and productivity over time. For some, this transformation will be immediate and noticeable. Others will gradually realize that they have more energy, even after a long day at the office. Let’s look at a few of the best standing desk converters.

Affordable Alternatives to a Stand-Up Desk

X-Elite Pro stand up desk converter

The X Elite Pro arrives fully assembled.  Abracadabra! You are at a standing desk.

For even more activity try a desk treadmill

X-Elite Pro stand up desk converter


No assembly is needed.

Has a single flat surface.

Goes from sitting to standing easily.

Weighs 27 lbs.

The maximum load on the X-Elite Pro is 20 lbs.

The desktop surface is 28″ X 20″

Adjust the height from 7 to 16 inches. The “seated” position is 2.5″

The air pump system provides a smooth and strong lift performance.

The footprint is 24.5″ x 16.8″ so the X-Elite Pro standing desk converter will fit most desks.

The desktop is made of durable laminated particleboard and the legs are steel.

Current price: $299

Stand Steady makes the X-Elite Pro and has won many awards for workplace ergonomics. They have received acclaim in the Washington Post, Forbes, and Therapy to name a few. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies to The World Bank, and much prestigious healthcare and medical industries use their products.

  The Original Stand Steady Desk

The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk Color: Black
The original Stand Steady Desk will quickly turn your existing desk into a sit-stand desk. This stand-up desk is very affordable. It boasts a load capacity of 75 lbs which will easily support your monitor and keyboard. You can burn more calories and enhance your fitness with a Desk Treadmill

The space under the desk can be used for the essential cup of coffee or files and office supplies. You gain about 3 square feet of desk real estate with this design.


Adjustable height so that you can work at the height best for you.

Minimum height 11.25″ and maximum height 15.25″

Weight capacity 75 lbs.

Water-resistant veneer.

Snap buttons help to easily adjust the height.

Sits on top of your desk or surface of work and instantly converts it to a sit-stand desk.

Made in the USA from mostly metal with aluminum legs.

Footprint dimensions 18′ x 15′

Soft non-skid rubber feet provide extra stability.

Easily assembled.

Current Price: $149

The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk Converter is really affordable and will get you up and running as a standing desk aficionado in no time.

The High Rise Desk Converter

High rise stand up desk converter
High Rise Stand Up Desk Converter

The Victor Technology High Rise 12″ H x 28″ W Desk Converter is popularly known as the High Rise Desk Converter.  It has a few pleasantly surprising features not found in some other desk converters. I like the cable management system, the added shelf under the desk converter, and the fact that the back of the desk converter is tapered so that it can fit into corner cubicles.

Note, however, that this product does not lower to the sitting position and is designed only for right-handed users. Transforms any sit-down stand desk into a standing desk.

Transforms any Desk Into A Stand-Up Desk

Transforms any sit-down stand desk into a standing desk.

The desk height can be adjusted with the push of a lever.

Scratch and stain-resistant wood with laminate, a modern sleek construction.

Product weight 24.5 lbs.

Easily assembled.

Dimensions are 12″ H x 28″ W x 23″ D and the computer monitor space is 23″ deep.

Top thickness 0.5″

Optional height extenders allow you to adjust your desk height but are not ordinarily included.

The heavy steel base prevents any tipping.

Current Price: $195

This stylish standing desk converter is really affordable which is what we are promoting for this blog. This will fit into almost any office setting without disturbing the décor.

Rocelco Desk Riser With a Monitor Stand

Rocelco 16.3″ H x 32″ W Stand Desk Riser with Monitor Stand

 Rocelco ADR Adjustable Desk Riser


The large surface area can hold two monitors or a monitor and a laptop.

The only desk riser that offers a retractable keyboard tray. Yay!

Uses gas springs (that is a new one for me) and can lift 50 lbs easily.

No assembly is needed as it comes pre-assembled.

Sit or stand with smooth height adjustments. Maximum height adjustment up to 16.3″ above your desk surface.

4 incremental height options.

Sturdy black metal frame with black metal shelves.16_3-H-x-32-W-Stand-Desk-Riser-with-Monitor-Stand-ADR

Product weight 35 lbs.

Top thickness 0.5″

Computer monitor space is 32″ W x 20.5″ D.

Overall: 16.3″ H x 32″ W x 27″ D.

Nonskid aluminum legs with felt footpads.

Left or right-handed use.

Current Price, $249

The Rocelco desk riser is looking good from a number of angles. The large working surface area makes it appealing for split monitors and it is also the only desk riser with a retractable keyboard. It is pre-assembled so no fussing with getting it up and running. If you are feeling even more energetic or need more energy the Lifespan Desk Treadmill has more to offer.


The stand-up desk converter is an affordable alternative to pricier standing desks. Most people who try these desk converters will perhaps have a well-founded smugness as they stand at their less pricey stand-up desk, secure in the knowledge that they really have scored a great deal.

I have covered a few of the better ones with this post. There is no doubt that having the option to sit or stand at a desk will make a big difference to your health and well-being. The stand-up desk converter is a great step in this direction.

Things to think about are: Am I using a single monitor or dual monitors? The X Elite Stand Up Desk Converter will take a single monitor as will the High Rise Desk Converter and the Stand Steady Desk Converter. The Rocelco Desk Riser can take dual monitors.

Take careful note of the maximum load that the converter can carry. Do not exceed these limits or instability could arise.

So many computer users these days only use a monitor and a laptop. This lightweight setup is well suited to the X Elite Stand Up Desk.

Check out the real estate on your desk to see if you can comfortably transfer your laptop, mouse, files, and monitor to a stand-up desk converter. Thanks for reading.


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