Lifespan TR 800 DT3 Review


This Lifespan TR 800 DT3 Review reveals why the TR800-DT3 Treadmill Desk could prove to be a great health investment in time. If you are in need of an invigorating, low impact workout that will leave you feeling energized and toned, try an under desk treadmill or under desk exercise equipment. If you don’t have time for the gym but are concerned about those extra pounds after the last barbecue, this is a portable light weight solution.

Use an Existing Desk

A versatile feature about the TR800-DT3 Treadmill DeskThis desk treadmill is for light to moderate use. Around 2 MPH is a comfortable speed for most people who are typing, mousing or reading. If you are watching a video or on a teleconference, try upping the speed to around 2.5 MPH. Although quiet, you may notice noise from your feet as they hit the treadmill.

Lifespan TR800 DT3

Stay Fit While Working

You will have to angle the console to make the red LED easier to read. This is an unobtrusive piece of exercise equipment. Like most walking treadmills, this one has no incline because an incline will take you out of the neutral position and place strain on the back and joints.


Bluetooth enabled allowing you to wirelessly sync and track your activity data with your smartphone using Lifespan club.

Space saving design for smaller offices. 4″ shorter than the TR1200 DT3.

Pre-assembled so that you can hit the ground running. Right out of the box you can roll it under your standing desk and connect the console.

Designed as a walking treadmill, generating 2 hp at 2400 rpm, the treadmill’s motor is perfectly tuned for smooth, sustained walking.

6 impact reducing compression shocks provide more comfort for knees, back feet and hips.

Wired console allows for easier belt control in smaller desk space areas.

Safety features. The treadmill is paused after 20 seconds of inactivity. Traditional safety key will stop the belt at a moment’s notice.

Good warranty for the motor (3 years), parts (1 year), and labor 1 year.

Quiet motor.


Max weight 300 lbs.

Dimensions:  console 12.5″ W  X  3″ D  X  2″ H

Treadmill 66″ L  X  25″ W  X  9.5″ H


You will need 100% silicone spray for lubrication under the belt for every 50 hours of use, starting with the first time you walk. (The silicone is not supplied)

The belt is not that easy to lift to apply the silicone spray. You may need a screw driver.


If you have a standing desk and are a little tight on space, this could be the ticket. If you are not that mechanically inclined and do not wish to assemble a treadmill that is another plus. For a light weight walking workout this will be fine. Don’t forget the silicone spray however because the treadmill could start creaking. Keep moving and have a great day. Write me with any questions and or queries.


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