Desk Chair Exercises

Exercise at Your Desk

Desk Chair Exercises can really help to increase your overall activity level. If done in strategic bursts, it can amplify an existing workout or at the very least speed up the metabolism.

Is it really possible to do any meaningful exercise while working in a cubicle or spending hours locked into your office chair on that project that is already behind? Doctors say that any amount of activity is useful.

I hear people complain that they do not have the time to exercise, but if you do a little something every day, it adds up to a healthier more vibrant version of you. 

 You probably will not get as fit doing Desk Chair Exercises as compared to a regular gym session but it will go a long way towards reducing calories, and stress, and most importantly, improving circulation.

Easy Desk Chair Exercises

Try these easy-to-do desk exercises. They do not take up too much space and should leave you panting a bit but ultimately feeling refreshed and more oxygenated and raring to go. Start slowly and build up to ten repetitions per exercise. Do two rounds and then take a 30-second break. After a few days try four rounds.  Build up to 6 rounds with a 30-second break after every two rounds.

Under the Desk Exercises

·     Under the desk
leg raises. Raise one or both legs under the desk for several seconds. Drop
them slowly without hitting the ground and repeat. These are very good for the
abs. Do a set of 10 reps and see how many sets you can do without screaming or
taking a pause. Foot tapping. Try tapping your feet under the desk. To make it
more fun, drum out a beat that you like.

·     Easy Squeezy.
Squeeze your buttocks for a few seconds and then release them. This is easy and
can also be done with the abs.

·     Knee press. Press
your knees together, involving as many muscles as you can. The abs might feel
this one first. Hold for several seconds then release.

Increased Activity Benefits All Body Systems

Increase longevity and improve heart health with high-intensity bursts of exercise. These bursts really get you moving and you will feel the blood pumping. Remember footwear should be comfortable and enable you to balance without difficulty.

Perhaps keep a pair of running shoes under your desk, making sure of course that they are fresh smelling. Short intense bursts of exercise can positively affect several bodily systems. Also, try some under desk exercise equipment for a consistent office workout or a treadmill desk for more vigorous exercise.

The lymphatic System for starters is a part of the circulatory system. It is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. The Lymph fluid transports infection-fighting white blood cells and becomes more active with exercise.

Another system that will benefit from more exercise is the cardio system and of course, the lungs which will be taking in more oxygen. Also, the metabolism will increase and burn more calories resulting in weight loss

Try High-Intensity Bursts

Skip rope with an invisible rope.

Place the hands on your hips and alternately lunge your legs.

Jumping jacks.

On the spot jogging for a 10-second burst.

Try on-the-spot walking, even with a cup of coffee!

This is a quick energizer and a welcome break from routine work. Remember to hydrate and drink more water as opposed to coffee and soda which will dehydrate you.Desk Chair Exercises

              Keep Your Activity Level up

It is the small things we do that cumulatively add up to a higher activity level so always keep total activity levels in mind. What good will a little exercise do? That small amount of time spent in bursts of activity adds up to a higher activity level.

Always walk if possible.  A lot of fitness coaches suggest walking 10,000 steps a day. Gradually work up to this amount. Pedometers or Fitbits can really help in this regard.

Use the stairwell as often as you can. This is a great calorie-burning cardio, the more floors you can staircase the better.

Walk to the water cooler.

Park a little further away from your office than you normally would.

Move around during breaks and at lunchtime.

The infographic department of the Washington Post tested 12 exercises for a week to see which ones people could incorporate into a workday. If you need some more ideas for desk chair exercises these are just great. The main thing is to see what feels good to you and gives you benefits and is easier to fit into your workflow.

Let me know if you find any other exercises that may work in the office or any tips that will inspire more movement.


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