Ergonomic Sit Stand Stools


Ergonomic sit stand stools are a natural extension of a realization that the usual seating posture has become an ergonomic dinosaur. How many hours a day are we sitting in an uncomfortable chair? A chair which is cutting off our blood circulation.

The techno age is constantly evolving our relationship with office ergonomics. Recent discoveries show that sitting for long periods of time is one of the worst things that a person can do for their health. Now, seating technology has evolved to meet this health crisis while improving comfort and productivity.

Office Furniture To Blame

Wobble Stool

The traditional office chair is partly to blame for a host of  ailments ranging from poor circulation to diabetes and coronary problems. The website has some revealing information on chair ergonomics but few people take the time to make all the adjustments necessary for  maximum comfort and minimum stress.

Sit Stand Stools Promote Activity

The old seated posture model is still so pervasive and entrenched in the office environment that a breath of fresh air is long overdue. No matter how comfortable or ergonomically supportive a chair might be it still does not promote any physical activity.

This is the entry point for a new wave of seating. This is a wobbly entrance. In this case wobbly is a good thing because wobbling and movement are what help us to avoid the dreaded cement butt and its attendant health problems.

Active Seating Solutions

The best accessory to a standing desk or even a normal desk is an active seating situation. There are various names for these active seating stools; the sit stand stool, motion stools, active sit stand stools, to name a few. Several variations of the sit stand stool have been created, all with their unique selling points. Some of the innovators of ergonomic sit stand stools are Muvman, Mobis, The Swopper, and the Wobble Stool.

The Swopper

Motion seating the Swooper
The Swopper

Let’s take a look at some of these new ways of sitting. First of all the designers made sure that these stools look snappy and modern.

Some may recall the Swopper, breaking through the clouds of stodgy office ergonomic resistance. The Swopper has won many awards and boasts Swopper Air which uses a 3DEA hi-tech spacer fabric. The 3 dimensional textile consists of top and bottom layers of performance fabric that is held at a clearly defined distance by pressure-sensitive threads.

Active Seating

It is active seating and a great product in all respects. It enables the user to access motion in all directions, fluid and intuitive, using the legs, back and abs.  This in turn keeps the body moving, hence the name active seating.

The Swopper is a life changing chair but the hefty price tag may put one off or at least prompt a search for something more affordable.

The Wobble Stool

Wobble Stool Ergonomic Office and Bar Chair

The Wobble Stool is much more affordable and the blurb that goes along with it states: Ergonomic office and bar chair. I would not like to try it however after a few margaritas.

A team of young professionals called Uncaged Ergonomics created this stool after realizing that posture affects productivity, comfort and enjoyment. They set out to develop, design and discover useful products that “Make life feel better” This is a fun chair. It naturally tilts and moves under your control helping you to stay fit at your desk. Burn calories while sitting, er, wobbling.

The standing desk finally has a companion to promote even more activity. What I like about it is the versatility.

Versatile Uses

Ergonomic Sit Stand Stools have many uses. They can be used at your desk, or the bar, if you have had a rough day and want to wobble some more. It is also ideal for breakfast seating. Musicians will appreciate the difference between sitting and wobbling. The long hours of practice at a keyboard or concert hall usually results in stiff aching legs, hips and calves. Wobble a bit to feel the difference. I am hearing a song with wobble in the chorus line. “We’re wobbling, we’re wobbling, we’re wobbling, yeah!”

The bottom features a non-skid cover that grips most surfaces including wood, tile and carpet. The plush padded fabric seat is cool and comfortable and it can swivel in 360-degrees. At around $500 less than the Swopper it would make a great addition to the office or home or even in a medical school situation.

 Muvman a True Sit to Stand Stool

Motion Seating Sit to Stand Chair Color: Blue

Muvman provide a true sit to stand seating solution. Via is the manufacturer of these ergonomic sit stand stools. They have been on contract with GSA since 1995 and their sit stand stools are made in Sparks Nevada.

The Muvman offers lateral movement and a height adjustment in the form of a 13″ height adjustment range. I can hear a collective sigh of relief from basket ball players. Aah! height adjustment.

The Muvman telescopes from a minimum height of top to bottom 20″ to a maximum height of 33″ top to bottom. This is a true sit stand solution.

Better For Standing Desk Users

Ergonomic Sit Stand Stools help the standing desk aficionados who now can sit and stand literally at the same time. The 4 degree forward tilt keeps you close to your work surface and helps keep your back aligned. The seat edge is comfortable, super soft and adaptable so that there is no congestion of the blood circulation. The weight capacity is 265 Lbs. A handy carry handle makes it easy to transport. The seat also has a return to center swivel.

Mobis Stools

Mobis Stool Seat Color: Citrus

Mobis is another respectable line of sit stand stools. Mobis works with your body so that you experience constant micro movements.

This works really well with a standing desk. With the sit stand stools your back is hardly in the picture and the support must come from your hamstrings and thighs. This will help strengthen your back and your posture will improve.

The knees can sometimes ache when using a standing desk so the sit stand stools really help to get the best of both worlds, sitting and standing.

The vibrant color options are citrus, chili pepper, black and blue. Weight maximum is 300 lbs. and it has a limited lifetime warranty. This versatile stool can be used in corporate settings, retail environments, medical settings, laboratories, manufacturing environments and more. With a maximum height of 35″ and a minimum height of 25″ you can still sit at your desk. This GSA approved sit stand stool does not swivel.


Whether you would like the comfort of the Swopper or the affordability of the Wobble Stool or a worthy accessory to a standing desk like the Muvman or Mobis, you can be assured that your activity level and muscle tone will soon improve.

These ergonomic sit stand stools are portable, and can easily perform in diverse settings. The sit stand stool is a stellar addition to the growing arsenal of desk fitness equipment including the standing desk, under desk exercise equipment and desk treadmills. Making a stand for your health has never been easier or more ergonomically appealing. Thanks for reading.


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